Aloe Cosmo | 13cm | Houseplant

Aloe aristata cosmo


This wonderful little star-shaped Aloe is a perfect pick for beginner plant parents because it is super easy to care for and thrives on neglect. Its fleshy, succulent leaves store water which makes it tolerant to droughts and the biggest mistake you can make is overwatering it. It's a stylish little plant with chunky leaves, covered in white dots and serrated edges, which form a beautiful symmetrical rosette shape and is a wonderful addition to any succulent collection.

Comes in a 13cm nursery pot, ceramic planter not included.

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Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Aloe aristata cosmo



Plant Type


Pet Safe




How to care for your Aloe Cosmo | 13cm | Houseplant

Native habitat

This plant is native to South Africa.

Light and position in the home

Your Aloe will enjoy somewhere bright with indirect light, but will also tolerate a few hours of direct light. Not enough light can cause pale leaves on your Aloe. Avoid placing you Aloe in a humid room such as a steamy bathroom or kitchen, the Aloe does best in dry conditions.


The Aloe requires well-drained soil and should only be watered when the soil is dry, never allow the Aloe to sit in excess water as this can cause the lower leaves to rot. During the winter, you can cut back on watering - let the soil dry out and water sparingly. Repot your Aloe every 1-2 years using specialist cacti/succulent compost.

Aloe Cosmo | 13cm | Houseplant
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