Anemone Dreaming Swan 3ltr


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A simple plant that packs a big punch, the anemone is a vibrant flower that grows in colourful drifts that will fill your borders or containers over time to create an amazing display in your outdoor space. Producing beautiful petals on top of a thin stem, this plant will create great flowing displays in the spring.

How do I grow anemone?

Plant your anemones in a well-draining but damp sandy soil in a location that receives light shade throughout the day. These plants prefer looser soil, so if you have denser ground, add some leaf mould to get better results. If growing in a container place the plants 5cm apart and 10mm away from the edge of the pot. If the plant begins to grow too high, you may want to support the plant with a stake or plant support. Deadhead any spent plants to encourage further growth.

How often should I water anemone?

Water the plant well when planting and for the first weeks until established. After that you should not need to water the plants again unless they are grown in a pot or In times of high heat. They will appreciate more under watering than overwatering and should only be watered to keep the soil damp. If growing in pot you should feed your plant with a liquid feed when in flower.

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