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perennial | sun | pet friendly | flowering | English country garden 

Comes in a 10.5cm diameter pot

Why we love it A real dazzler whether grown in a container or as a star of summer borders. Gorgeous spikes of freckled pink flowers are borne over a long season on low-maintenance plants that are excellent at standing up to heat and drought. They're commonly known as summer snapdragons.

Where's it native to? Central and southern America.

Planting location Moist but well-drained fertile soil is a must.

Light requirements Plants love to bask in summer sun - they'll appreciate a growing position that benefits from at least six hours of sunlight per day.

Watering tip Water freely during the growing season and feed with a general purpose liquid fertiliser once a month during the growing season.

Distance from other plants Space plants 25-35cm apart. They'll grow to around 46-76cm.

Annual or perennial? Annual

Great planting idea The hot, pink flowers of Angelonia blend perfectly into traditional summer cottage garden borders but don't look out of place when blended with cannas and dahlias to form a more exotic display. For maximum impact, grow solo in a patio container to make a stunning summer feature.

Common pests and how to combat them Angelonia makes excellent no-fuss plants but aphids can attack, so keep an organic bug killer handy during summer.

Did you know? The profusion of blooms of Angelonia can offer a striking resemblance to the small flowers of snapdragons, hence the plant's common name, summer snapdragon.

Toxic to pets No.

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