Antirrhinum Sonnet Rose 2ltr


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Commonly known as ‘snapdragons’, these easy to grow plants are an ideal addition to any traditional country or cottage garden. Attractive to pollinators and birds they come in an array of colours and heights and will flower from June until October. Their small, herbaceous leaves grow in a clump below slender stems which carry the small ruffled-petalled plants. These plants are ideal for a container or window box but are especially effective at the front of a border.

Where to plant Antirrhinum

Antirrhinum will grow in most well-drained soils that receive full sun throughout the day. If possible, ensure the plant is protected from cold, harsh winds.

How to look after Antirrhinum

Feed regularly to keep the soil moist, but not wet. You can help prolong the flowering period by adding a potash rich fertilizer once a week in the spring and early summer. Deadhead spent blooms regularly and prune any dying leaves. Supporting your plant with a cane will also ensure that taller varieties are not damaged by any winds when they are young.

Antirrhinum Sonnet Rose 2ltr Perennial Plants