Aquilegia Spring Magic Rose & White 3ltr


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A common sight in the cottage style garden, the Aquilegia is naturally found at higher altitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as 'granny's bonnet' or ''columbine’ this perennial is best identified by its drooping flowers with spurred petals that are said to resemble an eagles claws. These are easy to grow perennials that will self-seed which makes them great for wild gardens

How do I grow Aquilegia?

Best suited to sunny or semi-shaded positions, aquilegia will grow in most soils as long as they are well drained. These plants need to be watered when the soil begins to dry as they do not like to be dry. Cut back plants after flowering if you don't want them to seed and promote new growth throughout the flowering season (May-June).

Can I underwater my Aquilegia?

Yes, this Aquilegia does not like dry soil If underwatered for too long the plant may develop a powdery mildew on its leaves. These leaves should be removed immediately in order to stop the mildew spreading.

Aquilegia Spring Magic Rose & White 3ltr Perennial Plants