Argyranthemum Madeira Crested Yellow 2ltr


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A popular bedding plant sometimes known as ‘Marguerites’ or ‘Paris daisies’, the Argyranthemum is a great option for your beds, borders or hanging baskets. Producing a large amount of daisy like flowers with lemon-yellow outer petals and bright yellow inner petals that grow on the top of slender green stems with long, herb like foliage.

How to grow a Argyranthemum

Plant in a well-draining, sand, loam or clay soil that received sull-sun throughout the day but is protected from intense midday heat. These plants thrive in courtyard or city gardens where they will bring a touch of country colour to the space. Water well to keep the soil moist, but not wet, increasing during hot periods.

Should I fertilize my Argyranthemum?

Feed monthly will a well-balanced, liquid fertilizer to promote new growth and more impressive flowers throughout the growing period.

How do I prune Argyranthemum?

Pinch the tips regularly until flower buds appear in the late spring and cut back to promote new growth when flowers become spent.

Argyranthemum Madeira Crested Yellow 2ltr Perennial Plants