Armeria Dreameria Sweet Dreams 3ltr


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Also known as 'Thrift's' or 'lady's cushions', this perennial is native to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean where it grows on cliffs and by the sea. These mats forming evergreen perennials form tufts of strapped leaves that sit in a carpet of foliage below long-stalks that hold dense clusters of small cup-shaped flowers. These easy to grow plants are popular in rock gardens, containers or the side of ponds. This plant is especially effective when placed at the front of a garden border

How do I look after Armeria?

Grow in a sunny position in a well-draining sand, chalk or loamy soil. Water lightly when the soil becomes dry. Deadhead spent blooms to prolong flowering and remove any wilting leaves. Add a small amount of liquid feed to your water once a fortnight to promote healthy growth.

Is Armeria poisonous to dogs?

No, this is a common myth about this plant

Armeria Dreameria Sweet Dreams 3ltr Perennial Plants