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pollinator | perennial | sun | pet friendly | flowering | English country garden

Comes in a 10.5cm diameter pot

Why we love it These daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn when many of your other summer blooms may be fading.

Where's it from? Asters are found mainly in North America, with some species extending into South America; others are distributed throughout Europe and Asia.

Planting location Asters prefer climates with cool, moist summers—especially cool night temperatures. In warmer climates, plant asters in areas that avoid the hot mid-day sun. Soil should be moist but well-drained, and loamy.

Light requirements Select a site with full to partial sun.

Watering Give plenty of water at the time of planting. Once established, they require little watering. If conditions become very dry and the plants show signs of stress give them more water

Distance from other plants Space asters 1 to 3 feet apart.

Annual or perennial? A perennial - the Aster comes up year after year.

Great planting idea They can be planted in containers using a lightweight potting mix. Make sure your pot has a drainage hole and that there is easy access to water nearby.

Common pests and how to combat them Spider mites and lace bugs can be a problem. While they won't kill the plants, they will give them an unhealthy appearance. To avoid this, keep the leaves of the aster dry and make sure there is enough space for the plant to grow.

Did you know? Name "aster" originates from the Greek word "aster" which means "star". The name refers to the star-like shape of flower heads.

Toxic to pets No.

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