Astrantia Star of Love 3ltr


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A clump-forming herbaceous perennial that brings a traditional look into the garden with its delicate flowers and bushy foliage. Native to the woodlands of Southern Europe and the Caucasus and sometimes known as 'master wort' this plant would be great in a garden bed or container, or as underplanting for roses. Astrantia is often found growing alongside Astilbe in the wild. A genus of only 9 species the Astrantia is a herbaceous perennial notable for its aromatic roots, palmate leaves, and decorative flowers. A member of the Apiaceae family, these plants are an easy to grow plant that adds a traditional cottage garden look to your space.

How do I grow Astrantia?

Plant in a sunny or slightly shaded area with well-draining clay or loam soil Water when the top of the soil becomes dry and cut back after flowers have faded to tidy and encourage a fresh flush of leaf growth

Does Astrantia grow in shade?

Yes, Astrantia will grow in shade, but we would recommend that they receive a few hours of sun, if possible, to give you the best and most striking flowers

Do Astrantia self-seed?

Yes, your Astrantia will self-seed if left to do so, making it ideal for a wild garden If you want to limit the amount your plant self-seeds remove the flower stalks after they flower

Astrantia Star of Love 3ltr Perennial Plants