Aubrieta Axcent Burgundy 2ltr


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The colorful ground cover given to an outdoor space by the Aubrieta is what has made it a popular garden plant for years. Perfect for edging your paths as ground cover or as a pocket plant for a rockery, the delicate flowers will provide a vibrant background of colour for any space. Once the flowers have faded the Gray-green foliage becomes a mat of colour when the rest of the garden has gone bare.

Where to plant an Aubrieta plant

The Aubrieta will thrive best in full sun but will still grow in partial or dappled shade. Avoid putting your plant in a shaded position as it will stunt the plants growth and make them leggy. Make sure you plant in a well-draining soil that is slightly alkaline or has had lime mixed into it.

How to look after an Aubrieta plant

Water lightly to keep the soil moist, but not wet. The soil should drain well enough that there is no standing water at all as this plant will not tolerate any sogginess around the roots. Aubrieta plants like to grow in soil that is not too full of nutrients, so you will not need to fertilize it at all. After your Aubrieta blooms, it can begin to become leggy, so to keep your plant neat it is recommended that you prune the plants back after flowering. You should use shears and trim no more than half of the plant’s growth.

Aubrieta Axcent Burgundy 2ltr Perennial Plants