Spotted Leaf Begonia | 12cm | Houseplant

Begonia maculata

Spotted Leaf begonia, also known as the Polka Dot begonia, is a splashy showstopper that looks fantastic. Its olive-green leaves sport contrasting spots, enough to catch anyone's eye! So, if you’re looking for something unusual that attracts attention, this over-the-top begonia is a great choice, and it isn’t too difficult to care for either. Win-Win!

Comes in a 12cm nursery pot, ceramic pot not included.

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Granada Ceramic Pot | 12cm | Terracotta brown
Stockholm Ceramic Pot | 13cm | Blue
Rio Ceramic Pot | 12cm
Crete Ceramic Pot | 12cm

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Begonia maculata



Plant Type

Evergreen perennial

Pet Safe




How to care for your Spotted Leaf Begonia | 12cm | Houseplant

Native habitat

The spotted Begonia is native to South East Brazil.

Light and position in the home

Begonia can thrive in bright, indirect light but it also doesn't mind some light shade, making it an easy to care for houseplant. Direct sunlight may result in sunburn, which leads to dry leaves.


This Begonia enjoys a fairly moist soil year-round, water regularly during the summer and reduce watering come winter, when the soil won't be drying out quite as quickly. Avoid overwatering by checking the soil moisture level with your finger.

Spotted Leaf Begonia | 12cm | Houseplant
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