Bergenia Rosi Klose 2ltr


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Often called 'elephant's ears' after their broad leathery foliage that have a glossy green colour, but turn red or bronze in the autumn, the Bergenia is an evergreen perennial that looks great in a garden border or as underplanting for roses. Their delicate flowers come in pink and white varieties and bring a traditional look to the garden. This genus of only 10 species, native to central Asia and the Himalayas, the Bergenia is an evergreen hardy perennial that is known for it's thick rubbery leaves and delicate clumps of bell shaped flowers.

How to grow Bergenia

Bergenia are a hardy, evergreen perennial species that thrive in sunny or partially shaded spaces with well-draining Clay, Sand, Chalk or Loam soil The soil should be kept moist, but not wet You should give them some shelter and remove faded flower spikes early to ensure new blooms throughout the growing season

Can you grow Bergenia in pots?

Yes, they can be grown in pots, but you may not get the same growth or colour as you would if grown in a border or bed

Do Bergenia get many pests?

Bergenia are robust plants and generally free of pests, but adult vine weevil adults like to eat the edges of the leaves which can detract from the appearance of the plant

Bergenia Rosi Klose 2ltr Perennial Plants