Camassia Caerulea 3ltr


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Also known as ‘wild hyacinth’ or ‘quamash’, the Camassia is a tall, hardy perennial that look great in a cottage or wild garden design. In the wild these plants can be found in damp meadows and woodlands in the Pacific of the US. The Camassia produces small, herbs like foliage that forms a small clump below a slender stem topped with the ragged, starlike flowers that bloom from April into June. The combination of angular and uneven petals alongside slender foliage creates a well textured display that will add variety and interest to your space. Bees and other pollinators love the colours displayed by this hardy perennial, and when combined with bluebells or polygonatum you are sure to have a vibrant early season display of colour in a garden border or container.

Where to plant Camassia

Unlike most spring flowering bulbs, the Camassia prefers heavier soils that retain a lot of moisture. A clay soil would be ideal, but it will do well in most lighter soil if mixed with a good mulch . Choose a space that receives full to partial sun throughout the day and ensure that the location is protected from strong, cold winds. For the best results the Camassia plant should be placed at the front of a border.

How to grow Camassia plants

Water your Camassia regularly for first few months until the plant is established. After this your plant should get all the moisture it needs from rainfall. You should only need to water your Camassia during dry periods, when watering make sure to only water until the soil is moist, but not wet. When the foliage has completely died back in the summer cut it back. Flowers can be cut off at the base once faded, however if you want to harvest seeds, leave them until the seed pod grows. Camassias don't need to be fertilised, however you should mulch container grown plants.

Camassia Caerulea 3ltr Perennial Plants