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perennial | sun | part shade | pet friendly | part shade | flowering

Comes in an 11cm diameter pot

Why we love it Campanula, better known as the bellflower, puts on a spectacular display from late spring into late summer. Plants are particular favourites in cottage-style gardens, summer flower borders, rockeries, wildlife havens, and woodland gardens,

Where's it native to? Turkey and southern Europe.

Planting location Campanulas will thank you for planting in fertile soil, which should be moisture-retentive but well drained.

Light requirements Although campanulas will grow in sun as well as part-shade, the intensity of their flower colours is often most vibrant when blooms are protected by a degree of shade.

Watering tip While campanulas should be kept moist during the growing season, never allow plants to sit in wet conditions during winter, as excess moisture can lead to root rot.

Annual or perennial? Annual, can be semi-annual (it will come back two years running but usually not beyond). 

Great planting idea Campanulas are ideal for wildlife-friendly areas of gardens, as their flowers can be a magnet for beneficial insects and pollinators.

Common pests and how to combat them Keep an eye on the growing tips of young shoots, which can be targeted by aphids and whitefly. General purpose bug killers can easily remedy any infestation.

Did you know? Campanula can make its home in a diverse range of habitats - from crevices high up in rocky regions to gaps in walls and in between paving slabs.

Toxic to pets Yes.

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