Campanula Sago 2ltr


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The delicate star shaped cupped flowers of the campanula have led to it being commonly called a 'bellflower' or 'willow bell'. This genus of over 500 species can be found in the wild all over the Northern Hemisphere and comes in a variety of colours from dusty blue to pink and white. Evergreen and with a bushy habit, the campanula is a great choice for planting roses and shrubs in a cottage or informal garden.

How to grow Campanula

Plant in a sunny area with a well-draining neutral to alkaline soil If the site is exposed, make sure you stake the plant for extra support. Water when the soil begins to dry and cut back after flowering to prevent self-seeding and to encourage a second flush of flowers.

How long do campanula flowers last?

Campanula will flower in late spring and early summer for around for 2-3 weeks You can improve the flowering time by regularly pruning old and fading flowers

Campanula Sago 2ltr Perennial Plants