Canna Cannova Scarlet 3ltr


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The canna is a popular tall, tender perennial that brings height, texture and colour to your space. Ideal for a cottage garden or a space with a slightly more Mediterranean twist, this is a plant that thrives in beds, borders and containers. The tall flowering spikes rise from a small bush of large, tropical looking foliage in a pointed oval shape. The tip of the flowering spike produces large lily like flowers that attract pollinators to your garden between June and October.

Where to plant Canna plants

You should plant your canna in a sunny spot that is sheltered from strong, cold winds. You should prepare the soil by digging in well-rotted manure or garden compost. You can also choose to add a small amount of generalised fertilizer to the mix. Mix the soil well to ensure that it is well draining.

How to care for Canna plants

You should water your Canna freely during the summer to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Add a liquid fertilizer to the mix through the middle of summer until the beginning of autumn to get the best results. Of you are growing your Canna in a container then you may need to water more frequently. You should deadhead any wilting or spent plants as you see them, this will keep the plant looking neat, but will also encourage new growth. The Canna requires little pruning or training, but it would be beneficial to stake a plant that is in an exposed location. When a flower spike is no longer producing any more buds, prune it down to the next side shoot so that a new spike can develop.

What to do with a Canna plant I the winter.

Canna can be left outside all year as long as the position is well sheltered from cold winds. To aid your plant you should apply a 6 inch layer of mulch to the base of the plant. Even so, in especially harsh winters you should be prepared for some losses. Pot grown plants should be moved into a greenhouse or frost-free area.

Canna Cannova Scarlet 3ltr Perennial Plants