Japanese Sedge

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part shade | pet friendly | flowering | evergreen 

Comes in a 10.5cm diameter pot

Visit any flower show and you'll notice that designers' use of ornamental grasses is on the up. Grasses create a prairie-style, naturalistic look in gardens. Carex oshimensis 'evergold', aka Japanese Sedge, can transform any space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility as its slender, arching, light-green leaves rustle gently in the breeze.

This clump-forming Japanese sedge grass has arching leaves which are striped green with white edges. Oat-coloured seed head flowers appear in summer and it looks fabulous next to a water feature too.

Where's it native to? Japan

Planting location Choose an area of moisture-retentive, well-drained soil.

Light requirements While Carex will tolerate sun, plants are at their finest when grown in areas of partial shade.

Watering tip Must be kept moist in summer but note that Carex does not tolerate winter wet.

Toxic to pets No.

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