Celosia First Flame Purple (was Orange) 2ltr


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Celosias are an unusual flower that bring a unique combination of colour and texture into your space. Also known as ‘wool flowers’, the Celosia produces uniquely shaped, coral-like flowers that emerge from thick, vibrant stems that are covered in fine hairs which give an almost rock-like texture to the plant. This ornamental perennial is edible and are safe for pets, children and all the pollinators they will attract into the garden. These plants love sunny, dry locations so are ideal for a rock, gravel or urban garden. The Celosia is a self-seeding plant that will quickly produce large displays of psychedelic and unusual colour that is sure to attract attention.

Where to plant Celosia plants

Celosia plants have one simple care rule – they can't get enough sun. Position your plant in as sunny a location as you can with a soil that is well draining and doesn’t retain too much water.

How to care for Celosia plants

Celosia do not tolerate wet roots so make sure you water the plant only when the soil is completely dry, and then only do so until the soil is damp. If your plant receives too much moisture, then it will start to go limp and discolour. They will bounce back quickly, but the best way to avoid this is to keep a careful eye on your watering schedule. Apply a liquid plant food every few weeks, especially in periods of rainfall. Taller plants may need to be staked until they are able to support themselves.

Each Celosia flower will last about a month. Deadhead blooms that start to fade or droop to encourage new growth. The flowers will fade from the bottom, so when the bottom third has faded, remove it at the leaf joint. The Celosia does not overwinter well so apply a layer of mulch and fleece before the first frost to give it the best chance of survival.

Celosia First Flame Purple (was Orange) 2ltr Perennial Plants