Centaurea Silver Feather 3ltr


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This attractive wildflower is native to the mountain meadows and woodlands of continental Europe where it is known as a ‘knapweed’. It produces fields full of it’s unusual, but attractive flowers. The green-grey, lance shaped foliage creates a bed of green under the long flowering spike. At the top of the spike, sits the unusual flower with sees a ring of long, feathered petals emerge from a rounded, textured core. The effect is a bed of textured and vibrant starbursts that sit on top of a sea of vibrant green that is attractive to wildlife and pollinators – the ideal plant for the front or middle of a border; a container or raised bed.

Where to plant a Centaurea plant

Your Centaurea will thrive best in a well-draining soil that receives full sun throughout the day. This hardy perennial will thrive in most soils but prefers looser ones over clay or over heavy ones.

How to look after Centaurea plants.

As a tall perennial, you should stake the plant early on to help it survive strong winds. You should water regularly to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer a few times a month from early spring until it stops blooming. Deadhead regularly to promote new growth and prolong flowering.

Centaurea Silver Feather 3ltr Perennial Plants