Chilli Pepper Birds Eye Organic 3 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants


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If you want to add a kick to your kitchen and some colour to your garden then growing your own chillies is a no brainer. Each plant can produce over one hundred chillies, and this slightly spicy variety has a Scoville rating between 100,000-225,000 which will add some heat to your food without blowing your head off, ideal for spicing up salads and soups. The small orange and red chillies grow above rounded green leaves to create a unique and colourful garden display. These slightly milder chillies will add a great kick to curry or chilli con carne, but their vivid colour will also make a wonderfully vibrant chilli sauce or dip.

How to grow chillies at home

These plants grow very well in containers and once you have the right spot they are low-maintenance plant that can be left alone most of the time. Make sure you place your plant in a warm space that receives around six hours of sunlight a day. Make sure there is some shelter from strong winds and cold. Whether you are growing in a container or in the ground make sure the soil is well draining. Water lightly once a fortnight to keep the soil slightly damp. Chillies will thrive in slightly drier soil, but during prolonged hot weather they will benefit from light misting daily in the afternoon. You may want to feed you plants with a potash feed to increase your yield.

When do I harvest chillies?

Your chillies can be harvested at any point, and at each stage the spice and taste will vary. Typically, smaller chillies will be more spicy, and have a stronger taste when they are green. When you want to harvest, gently twist the chilli off the stem. Make sure you use a glove or cloth to do this and avoid touching your eyes until you have washed your hands.

Chilli Pepper Birds Eye Organic 3 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants Vegetables