Christmas tree in pot

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Meet our beautiful live Christmas trees!
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Blue Spruce
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and there’s something so special about a real Christmas tree filling your home with its beautiful piney scents…
And the Blue Spruce is no exception. It’s become a very sought-after Christmas tree over the last few years too, not least of all because it doesn’t lose its needles (as long as it’s not placed too close to a heat source like a radiator). It also keeps its stunning silvery-blue colour until the end of the year and warms to a traditional evergreen colour as it ages.
Available in one size 60-80cm so you can choose the perfect tree for your home this holiday season!
Blue Spruces’ needles are long, thin, and quite sharp, so you’ll maybe need to keep small hands away from this one (it’ll keep the cat off the tree though).
Norway Spruce
The Norway Spruce is Britain’s original Christmas tree. It smells absolutely amazing and those nostalgic festive memories will come flooding back as soon as your new Norway Spruce arrives in your home. If you’re a traditionalist this is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and the Queen’s Speech.
It’s a beautiful dark green with thin slightly prickly needles and keeps a lovely symmetrical shape too - perfect if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your ornament placement, too.
Available in sizes 80-100cm, 100-125cm, and 125-150cm so you can choose the perfect tree for your home this holiday season!
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