Cirsium Atropurpurea 3ltr


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The Cirsium is a thistle like perennial with spiny leaves and prickly flowerheads. These unusual flowers look fantastic in a wild garden or rock garden and sit over a rosette of spiny, leafless foliage. These plants will flower all year if the weather is mild but will go dormant during the winter months and re bloom again in the spring. Cirsium are well suited to beds and borders within wildlife gardens, wildflower meadows and cottage gardens. They will reach an approximate height of around 1m (40”) and a spread of 60cm (24”).

Where to plant Cirsium plants

Plant in a moist, well-draining loam or chalk soil that receives full sun throughout the day. This plant can tolerate a shaded position, but you may not get as vibrant flowers.

How to grow Cirsium plants

Water generously after planting to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Feed with a well-balanced liquid fertilizer twice a month during the spring and summer to achieve the best growth and vibrancy in your plant. Deadhead spent flowers as and when you see them to encourage more flowers. By keeping these plants blooming healthily you will attract wildlife and pollinators into your garden. Cut plants back in autumn to prevent them self-seeding or leave them intact to provide a winter source of food for birds. Lift and divide overgrown plants in either the autumn or spring.

Cirsium Atropurpurea 3ltr Perennial Plants