Coarse Leca 2.5ltr


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LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) brings a lot of low-maintenance benefits to your houseplants and is an easy-to-use alternative to some soils and additives that is suitable for veteran or novice houseplant owners. These reusable small balls of baked clay have become the next big thing in some areas of the houseplant world – even being used to replace soil entirely. This course LECA is best for established plants that you are transitioning from soil as the small ridges and holes give the roots something to grab onto.

The clay used in LECA is extremely absorbent, holding onto both water and oxygen. The stored material will slowly leech out of the clay, feeding the roots directly without suffocating them. This will maintain the perfect amount of water, no matter what plant you are growing. The lack of organic material in a pot planted with LECA also hugely reduces the amount of pests like aphids or fungal growth that needs damp, dark soil to thrive. You will also find that you are using a lot less soil in your space than before, as the can replace all soil types – giving you more space and less mess.

How to grow a plant in LECA?

You plant your flowers in LECA in the same way you would with any soil, the main difference though is that you will need to provide both nutrition and water. This is done by mixing an appropriate liquid fertilizer or hydroponic fertilizer every time you water your plant. These nutrients will be absorbed with the water and flow fed to your plant over time.

Coarse Leca 2.5ltr Houseplant Substrates