Convolvulus Cneorum 2ltr


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A simple yet effective addition to the garden, the convolvulus is an evergreen shrub that loves hot spaces and is well adapted to containers and hanging baskets. This small trailing plant will grow to elegantly cascade over the edge of any basket or container it is in, creating a unique shape, texture and feature in your space from May to July. The simple blue cup-shaped shaped flowers are accented by the green palmate foliage that sits under them in a compact, but well-textured bush.

How to grow convolvulus

Plant in any well-draining soil that receives sun throughout most of the day. A south or west-facing location that has protection from high winds would be ideal. Water regularly and generously for the first weeks after planting. Then water lightly once a week to keep the soil damp. It is best to water during the evening to avoid burning the leaves and damaging the plant.

Should I fertilize my convolvulus?

Fertilize with a diluted liquid feed every second or third watering. Apply directly to the soil. Stop feeding towards the end of the flowering period and begin again in early spring.

Do I need to prune my convolvulus?

Prune to ground level between August and September to promote bush growth in

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