Coreopsis Little Bang Enchanted Eve 3ltr


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Sometimes called 'Tickseed', Coreopsis is a genus of flowering perennials that can be identified by their delicate tooth lipped petals and small flat fruits. They come in yellow and bi-coloured varieties and are great attractors of bees and other pollinators Native to north, central and southern America, Coreopsis is the state wildflower of Florida. This popular herbaceous perennial is an excellent choice if you want a border that is full of colour even after the rest of your flowers have faded. The large golden and bronze double-coloured flowers with toothed petals grow over a bed of long, mound forming foliage. This coreopsis will add colour and texture into your garden that will suit a wild or country garden theme.

How to grow Coreopsis

Plant in a well draining sand or loam soil in a space that gets full or partial sun Water when the top layers of soil have dried and deadhead regularly to encourage new growth. This hardy perennial is an easy perennial to grow, tolerant of both heat and humidity so should be placed in full sun at the front or middle of your border. It will also thrive in a rock garden or sandy soil if there is enough drainage. Early deadheading of spent stalks will encourage new growth, giving you a long summer of bright colour.

Should coreopsis be cut back?

You should be cut back one-third to one-half of the plant's height after the summer growing season Avoid pruning into the older brown woody growth, as this may kill the plant.

Does coreopsis come back every year?

Some coreopsis plants are perennial and will come back every year if treated well. To check if your plant is an annual or perennial, check the individual variety page.

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