Corydalis Porcelain Blue 2ltr


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The Corydalis is an herbaceous perennial whose bright flowers look fantastic in a wildflower meadow, cottage garden or as underplanting for roses and shrubs. This clump forming plant produces neat mounds of delicate herby foliage that small stems grow out from that are topped with spurs of divided, two-lipped flowers that can come in purple or blue tones. These easy to grow plants provide an understated and traditional display to your space that provides a background of colour wherever they are placed.

Where to grow a Corydalis plant

Plant your Corydalis in a moderately fertile and well-draining, humus-rich soil that receives partial sun throughout the day. The ideal growing space for a Corydalis is one that is not exposed to cold or rough winds. Exposure to these winds will only slow the growth of the plant, not kill it.

How to grow a Corydalis plant

Water your plant often enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. For the best results add a shovel full of compost or a diluted liquid fertilizer in the spring before the buds begin to open. A Corydalis will not require any pruning other than removing spent flowers as soon as they begin to wilt. The Corydalis is a vigorously self-seeding plant, so it is important to cut back or prune flowers early if you want to avoid more plants appearing. Over the winter, the plant will die back completely and regrow in the spring, so when the foliage and plant begin to wilt and fade you can cut them right back to the ground. If you don't mind new plants appearing allow the flowers to fade and seed pods to drop.

Corydalis Porcelain Blue 2ltr Perennial Plants