Cosmos Apollo Pink 2ltr


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If you want to add some soft and traditional colour to your garden, then the Cosmos is an ideal choice of plant for you. Native to Mexico and Central America this a plant that likes heat, and adds an equatorial vividity to the space. The daisy-like flowers sit atop long slender stems and form a cloud of colour that looks attractive throughout the summer. The frilly petals of this hardy perennial bring a soft texture to a space that looks great in a border, bed, container or cottage style garden. A great use for the Cosmos plant is as a screen for walls and other unsightly elements of your space. At the centre of each flower is a yellow spot that holds the pollen rich stamen which are attractive to bees and other pollinators, making them a vital part of keeping any garden healthy.

Where to grow Cosmos flowers

Plant your Cosmos flower in a well-draining and slightly acidic soil that is well-draining. Because of its natural habitat, the Cosmos prefers less rich soils like a sandy or loam based one. Richer soils that have been treated with compost may overwhelm the plant and cause it to droop. Make sure to choose a location that is sheltered from cold, harsh winds as they may topple the plant or cause it damage.

How to grow Cosmos flowers

The Cosmos is a drought tolerant species that will benefit more from under watering than overwatering. You should water your plant just enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet, allowing it dry out completely in-between. You should avoid fertilizing your cosmos plant as this may end up causing damage to the root system. As your Cosmos grows you will want to support it with a stake to help it grow upright and not topple over when it is top heavy as a young plant. While some pests, like aphids, flea beetles, and thrips, do enjoy cosmos, they're easy to control with a strong spray of water or insecticidal soap.

Cosmos Apollo Pink 2ltr Perennial Plants