Crocosmia Fire King 3ltr


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The crocosmias is a bright and late blooming perennial plant that bring end of season colour into a garden that is transitioning between the seasons. Showing off it’s full colour between August and October these tall perennials are an ideal way to underpin a gardens colour scheme. Clumps of sword-like foliage sit below upright, arching stems that carry small, funnel-shaped flowers. Most varieties are orange, but there are also yellow- and red-flowered varieties available, some even have bronze-tinted foliage. The unique textures and colours of this plant are a fantastic addition to the beds, borders or containers of a Mediterranean or contemporary themed garden.

Where to grow crocosmia plants

Grow crocosmia in moist but well-drained soil that receives full sun to partial shade.

How to grow crocosmia plants

The crocosmia is an easy to grow plant that can be left to itself once it’s basic needs are met. Water newly planted crocosmias regularly until they are settled in. After that, water enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. When growing crocosmia in a container, you'll need to water regularly throughout the growing season. Crocosmias don't usually need feeding, but in poor soil you could apply a general fertiliser spring. Apply a thick mulch over the soil surface in autumn or spring. This will deter weeds and help to prevent the soil drying out, which can reduce flowering. Tall growing crocosmia should be staked to prevent them from toppling over and damaging themselves in strong winds. No pruning is required, apart from cutting back the spent foliage once it dies down in late autumn, or in early spring before new shoots appear. Leaving old faded foliage in place over winter provides valuable shelter for wildlife.

Crocosmia Fire King 3ltr Perennial Plants