Crocosmia Lucifer 9cm Pot Perrenial Plant


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Sometimes known as 'montbretia,' the Crocosmia is a hardy perennial that can be deciduous or evergreen. Native to southern and eastern Africa, these plants are known for their sword-like leaves and long chains of yellow flowers. Their name comes from the Greek word for saffron and odour because of their faint saffron-like smell

How to grow Crocosmia
Grow Crocosmia in moist, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade and water when the top layers of soil are dry and lightly fertilize at the beginning of spring. As an African species, the Crocosmia can struggle through harsh winters, so it is recommended to mulch the soil around these plants before the first frost. Divide every three to five years to encourage better flowering, and prune spent flower chains as soon as you can to encourage abundant growth for longer.

Is Crocosmia an invasive plant?
Crocosmia is considered an invasive species, but with the proper care, they will be a great addition to your space Prune regularly and dispose of all clippings in a secure bin, and you will find very few problems.
This CROCOSMIA Lucifer comes in a 9cm Pot