Dahlia Dahlegria Tricolor 3ltr


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The Dahlia is one of the most impressive plants you can grow in your garden – a true statement of colour and texture. This tender perennial grows from potato-like tubers instead of seeds that are planted in early spring to produce impressive blooms in the summer. This tall plant first produces bush forming, green foliage from which the flower spike will grow, blooming into a awe inspiring head of pointed, and slightly cupped petals that form a mesmerising globe-like display of colour. The petals of this Dahlia will add some colour to the back of your border and containers, or be an integral part of a wild garden. Attracting pollinators and other wildlife, the Dahlia is guaranteed to bring any outdoor space to life.

Dahlia plant care

Dahlias thrive in moist climates so try to plant in a well-draining, not too dense soil, that receives full-sun or dappled shade – the more sun the plant receives the more flowers will bloom. These plants are very easy going when it comes to soil types and are a perennial that can be grown in ericaceous soil. Make sure the are you choose is shaded from cold winds, especially when the plants are young. Avoid watering dahlias immediately after planting as this is likely to make the tubers rot. Instead, pre-water the ground and try to wait until the first shoots have broken the soil (about 8 weeks) before watering fully. After this water to keep the soil moist. As the plant grows you may need to support with a stake to avoid having the young plant tipping over. Once the slower has died, deadhead the plant. Prune regularly to encourage larger blooms and to stop it becoming too top heavy. In the winter, prune any overgrown stems. Do not apply mulch to the plant as it will cause problems with the root system.

Should I fertilize my dahlias?

Yes, you can feed your plant a low-nitrogen liquid feed one they have sprouted. Apply every 3-4 weeks until early autumn. Do not over fertilize as high nitrogen levels can cause the tubers and roots to rot.

Dahlia Dahlegria Tricolor 3ltr Perennial Plants