Dianthus Coctail Tequila Sunrise 2ltr


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A species of hardy perennial, the Dianthus is a genus of over 300 flowers native to Europe and Asia. Commonly called 'Carnations' , 'Pinks' or 'Sweet Williams'. These herbaceous perennials come in a variety of colours but are best known for their bright pink varieties. The frilled petals of this hardy perennial pair well with the thin foliage to form an excellent border plant with personality. Their frilled petals and ribbon-like foliage are only some of the distinctive features of this plant, they are also well-known for their slightly spicy aroma, making these a plant that delights all the senses.

How to grow Dianthus

Plant in a well-draining alkaline soil in full sun, partial shade or anywhere they will receive at least 6 hours of sun Water the base of the plant when the soil is starting to dry and avoid watering the leaves to prevent mildew Apply a slow release fertilizer every six to eight weeks and do not mulch the soil Some varieties of dianthus are self-sowing, so deadheading is extremely important to reduce volunteer plants and to encourage additional blooming

When do Dianthus bloom?

Dianthus flowers bloom in early spring and summer, but many dianthus will rebloom throughout the gardening season if you cut flowers off as they fade

Dianthus Coctail Tequila Sunrise 2ltr Perennial Plants