Diascia White Bedding Plant



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Sometimes known as the 'Twin spur', the delicate diascia is an annual flower native to South Africa. Known for its succulent like foliage and petals, this trailing plant is well suited for containers and hanging baskets. The delicate white petals sit on top of a small compact bush of rounded leaves on upright stems. The vibrant colours and glossy green foliage creates a sunny feel into your garden that would look great in a patio or relaxation space. The diascia will eventually cascade over the edge of its container to create an elegant display. Plant your diascia in a well-draining, slightly acidic soil in a space with partial or dappled shade. This plant will thrive in full sun but will wilt in direct heat. Water deeply at least once a week, making sure to keep the soil wet, but not soggy. Your container should have drainage to prevent overwatering.

Feed with a slow-release fertilizer once every two months during the growing season. Overfeeding will make the plant become leggy and may interrupt the flowering period.

Diascia repeat blooms throughout the summer and will shed its flowers so you only need to deadhead for aesthetic reasons. If your plants start to look leggy or spent, cut back by half to encourage new, healthier blooms.

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • These plants vary in size, colour and flowers depending on the season stage

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