Dicentra spectabilis Valentine 3ltr


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Sometimes known as the ‘king of hearts’ for the shape of its pendulum-like flowers. This bushy perennial is truly an amazing looking plant to introduce to the garden as it introduces space filling texture and colour to your space. Producing a bush of feather, divided foliage that can grow up to 25 cm tall, this plant only becomes more impressive once it begins to flower. The gently arching stems emerge from all over the main shrub and will produce small hanging heart-shaped blooms that come in combinations of red and white shades. This beautiful plant is easy to grow and is suitable for urban gardens, borders or beds, garden edges or for underplanting of roses and shrubs.

Where to grow Dicentra plants

Grow in a well-draining, humus-rich soil that is neutral or slightly alkaline. The space should receive partial sun throughout the day, but it can tolerate some sun as long as it is sheltered.

How to grow Dicentra plants.

mulch the area around your dicentra with shredded leaves or compost after planting to help it establish itself. This will suppress weeds, retain moisture and enrich the soil. Water well to keep the soil moist, but not wet, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between watering. The Dicentra is a hardy perennial that don't need care if you water it well and it’s in the right place. You will only need to prune this plant to keep it looking neat. Towards the end of the growing season remove browning or dying flowers to give you room for new growth. You do not need to add fertilizer as the Dicentra is sensitive to them and you may damage the roots If they are overexposed.

Dicentra spectabilis Valentine 3ltr Perennial Plants