Digiplexis Falcon Fire 3ltr


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The Digiplexis is a hybrid perennial plant that is a crossbreeding of digitalis and isoplexis plants. It produces vigorous, glossy and pointed foliage that supports a large growing spike that is topped with trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom throughout the summer. They are best suited to flower beds and borders in a cottage or informal garden. This tall growing perennial brings a space filling and vibrant display to any space. This plant is attractive to wildlife and will bring lots of pollinators into your space which will help the rest of your garden.

Where to plant Digiplexis plants

Plant in a well-drained loam, clay or sand soil that receives partial shade throughout the day. Make sure the location is sheltered from strong, cold winds.

How to grow Digiplexis plants

Water the plant regularly after it is first introduced to the garden. This will help it develop a deep and strong root system that will anchor it into the ground as it grows taller. After the first year in the garden, water to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage new growth, and prune as soon as you see browning or dying foliage. Fertilize regularly during the flowering season with a diluted liquid fertilizer to encourage more vibrant and vigorous blooms.

Digiplexis Falcon Fire 3ltr Perennial Plants