Doronicum Leonardo Compact 3ltr


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Closely related to the sunflower, the Dorcinicum or 'leopard's bane' is a clump-forming perennial that produces bright yellow flowers that grow on tender stems Native to Europe, southwest Asia and Siberia these daisy like flowers bloom in spring and summer. This compact, mound forming perennial will bring a blanket of bright colour into your garden Delicate daisy-like flowers sit on top of mossy foliage which provides a lot of ground cover, making this Doronicum the perfect way to bring colour into your garden between February and April Preferring sunny or lightly shaded areas with moist, but well-draining soil, the Leonardo Compact is a hardy perennial that will thrive just as well in a container or rock garden as it would a busy border

How to grow Doronicum

Plant in a well-draining loam, or sand soil in a partially shaded area with shelter from strong winds Deadhead flowers when they are spent for a second flush of blooms

Is Dorcinicum toxic?

No, Dorcinicum is not toxic

Doronicum Leonardo Compact 3ltr Perennial Plants