Echinacea Sun seekers White 3ltr


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A genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family, the Echinacea or 'coneflower' are found in the prairies and woodlands of eastern and central North America and produce cone-shaped petals capped by a prickly dome of seed heads Their nectar is attracted to butterflies and birds and will bring an abundance of wildlife into your garden

How to grow Echinacea

Position in a location with full to partial sun that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day Mulch plants with compost at the time of planting, and water lightly when the top levels of soil begin to dry Occasionally Echinacea can become leggy and floppy if they receive too much shade, if this happens ensure you support them with a stake to get the best results.

What is a perennial plant?

Unlike annuals, which only live for one season, perennial plants are a long-term solution to colour in your garden that will come back year after year. Typically, a perennial will only bloom for one season of the year, however there are long-blooming perennials. If grown in the right conditions and treated well a perennial can live between three and five years. For a garden that has colour all round you should plant a mix of annuals and perennials that bloom in different seasons.

Echinacea Sun seekers White 3ltr Perennial Plants