Elephant Bush

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Succulent | pet friendly | beginner-friendly

Fits 13cm pot

Scientific name: Portulacaria afra

There are so many reasons to choose this super-easy succulent to share your life, not least the fact that it actually cleans the air! Its small, green, fleshy leaves suck up and store carbon like a sponge, so you’re greening your home in more ways than one.

The Elephant Bush grows best in bright, filtered light, so a warm, east- or west-facing windowsill is ideal. It doesn’t like draughts, so if it’s going to live on a windowsill or by a door, we recommend you choose one you don’t open too often. 

This pretty succulent is also incredibly easy to look after and is a great plant for beginners. It is also non-toxic to cats and dogs.

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