Erigeron Sea Breeze 3ltr


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Also known as ‘fleabane’, the Erigeron is a low growing, clump-forming perennial that is known for it’s delicate daisy-like flowers. Bearing beautiful flowers between early may and late autumn this is the perfect option of you want long lasting colour in your space that will underpin your garden design through the changing seasons. Native to Mexico and Central America, this is a plant that thrives in heat and comes into its full glory during the height of summer. These beautiful flowers are a common sight in coastal and cottage style gardens but will look great in any space. They are also attractive to pollinators, so will bring life into your garden and help your other plants.

Where to grow Erigeron plants

Grow Erigeron in any well-draining soil that receives sun or partial shade throughout the day. Make sure that the final space you choose is protected from strong, cold winds.

How to grow Erigeron plants

Water your plant well to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Apply a diluted liquid fertilizer once to twice a month during the flowering period. Deadhead the flowers when you see them beginning to wilt to encourage new growth and to keep the plant neat. You will not need to prune your Erigeron unless you feel you need to for aesthetic reasons.

Erigeron Sea Breeze 3ltr Perennial Plants