Erodium Bishops Form 2ltr


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The glossy dark foliage of the Erodium sit under dark red-brown slender stems that are topped with with gorgeous five petalled flowers during the summer and early autumn. Native to the Pyrenees and are used to harsher climates they are best located to gravel or rock gardens where their soft coloured petals, many which are etched with dark marks, are at their most striking. The beautiful flowers look fantastic in a bed, border or container and will add a soft, but effective display to your garden.

Where to grow Erodium plants

The Erodium will thrive in a well-draining, gritty soil like a sand or chalk soil. Choose a soil with a alkaline PH for the best results.

How to grow Erodium plants

The Erodium is a low maintenance plant that can be left to itself once it’s basic needs are met. Water lightly to keep the soil moist, but not wet, letting the soil dry out between watering’s. Add a diluted liquid feed to the water twice a month during the flowering period. Deadhead regularly to encourage healthy growth.

Erodium Bishops Form 2ltr Perennial Plants