Eucomis Aloha Leia 3ltr


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The unique combination of flowers and succulent-like leaves give this plant the well-earned name of ‘pineapple plant’. Despite their exotic look, Eucomis plants are easy to grow and effective additions to the garden. These plants are perfect for containers or garden borders where their unusual shape and colour combination will provide a fantastic focal point.

Where to plant Eucomis plants

Plant your Eucomis in a well-draining soil that received sull sun throughout the day. Avoided planting in shaded areas as it will vastly reduce the amount it will flower.

How to care for Eucomis plants

Keep plants well-water during the growing season (April to October), making sure to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Each spring, apply a general fertilizer to give the plant a boost in the early part of the year. Eucomis plants don’t need any pruning, just the removal of dead leaves. Remove any dead flowerheads once they become untidy.

Eucomis Aloha Leia 3ltr Perennial Plants