Fishbone Cactus | 12cm | Houseplant

Epiphyllum anguliger


We love this wonderfully wacky plant, with its long, wavy foliage stretching out in all directions. Also known as the ric rac cactus, it works perfectly as a hanging plant when its foliage is allowed to spill out over the edge of its pot. Its unique look will bring joy to any home.

This jungle cactus is native to tropical Central America. They need a little more watering than most cacti and thrive in humid environments, and this makes it a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom. 

Comes in a 12cm pot

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Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Epiphyllum anguliger



Plant Type


Pet Safe



22 cm

How to care for your Fishbone Cactus | 12cm | Houseplant

Native habitat

Fishbone Cactus is an epiphytic jungle cactus and it is native to Mexico.

Light and position in the home

The Fishbone Cactus likes bright but indirect light. Avoid any direct light as this can cause the soil to dry out quickly and also cause sunburn on it's leaves.


The Fishbone Cactus requires more moisture than other cacti. We suggest watering when the top few inches of the soil is dry. Waterings can be reduced during winter.

Fishbone Cactus | 12cm | Houseplant
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