Fuchsia Hardy Hawkshead 3ltr


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The Fuchsia has been a favourite plant of gardeners for years. Prized for their unique double petalled flowers and long growing season, they are the ideal decorative plant for your hanging basket, borders or containers. The low hanging stamen attract pollinators into your garden, which keep it lively and healthy throughout the year. The flowers dangle from delicate stems surrounded by thick, vibrant green foliage that adds volume and texture to a space. Hardy and with a flowering season that lasts from March to October, the Fuchsia is the ideal plant to provide a backdrop to your garden design year-round. Plant your Fuchsia in a full-sun or partially shaded location that has some protection from strong winds. Plant more tender varieties in containers so you can move them to a frost-free place in the winter.

How often should I water my fuchsia?

Fuchsia's grown in beds and borders should be watered thoroughly once a week. In containers and hanging baskets, waterless but more regularly making sure to keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. If you find that your plant is sitting in waterlogged soil stop watering until it has dried slightly as this may cause root rot and damage the plant.

Should I feed my Fuchsia?

Feed hardy varieties with general-purpose plant food once in the spring and once in the summer. Top up this feeding with a high potash liquid plant food throughout the summer to encourage a longer flowering period and more robust and vibrant blooms.

When should I prune my Fuchsia?

Cut down the stems of hardy varieties to just above ground level in late spring when you first see new growth to encourage a healthy growing season. To produce bushier plants, pinch out the tips of young shoots. Keep this to a minimum as excessive pinching out will delay flowering. Deadhead faded flowers and the seed pod behind them regularly to encourage new growth and reduce self-seeding.

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