Garlic Chives 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants


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A staple ingredient for any home cook, the chive produces grass-like leaves and edible purple flowers. This is a great ornamental herb which will attract bees into your garden and fill the space with a mild scent. Great as a garnish in soups and salads, and pairing great with eggs, this versatile herb when mixed with minced garlic and soured cream creates a gorgeous dip. This herb can be grown as easily in a windowsill as it can be in a garden, making it a great option for those with smaller spaces or no garden. Easy to look after and requiring little maintenance the chive should be place in a pot or garden bed with well-draining soil that receives full sun to partial shade throughout the day. Water regularly to keep the soil moist, but not wet.

When to harvest chives?

Chives can be harvested at any point once they have grown to about three inches high. To harvest , snip a section of the leaf off, leaving a few centimetres at the bottom to allow for continued growth. Once the stem produces flowers it is no longer edible, however at this point the flower is ready to be picked and eaten.

How to store chives?

You can store fresh leaves in the fridge for up to three days. If you find yourself with a lot of leaves and want to store them for a later date, finely chop the chives and freeze in a ice cube tray with some water for up to three months. If you'd like to dry your chives for a longer shelf life, put the entire stem on a lined baking tray and dry in a low oven until the leaves crumble to the touch.

Garlic Chives 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants Herbs