Gaura Lindhimeri Gaudi Rose 2L Perennial Plant


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The simple yet elegant Gaura is a plant that looks great in a cottage or informal garden. They produce simple star-like pink flowers that appear from early summer through to autumn. These plants are perfect for filling in the gaps of a planting scheme or growing in containers. Pair this plant with grasses or trailing plants to create a fantastic prairie effect.

Where to plant Gaura plants
The Gaura is a prairie plant native to the southern United States and Mexico. They will thrive in a position that receives full sun throughout the day. They may tolerate shadier spots, but you may find that they will not flower. The soil can be of any type as long as it is well-draining.

How to look after Gaura plants
Water to keep the soil moist but not wet. Cut back and divide congested clumps in spring. Apply a little fertilizer once a month in the spring to keep the blooms vibrant.
This GAURA lindhimeri Gaudi Rose comes in a 2 litre pot