GERANIUM Dusky Crug Perennial Plant


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A popular bedding plant that also looks great in a hanging basket, geranium is often found in traditional cottage gardens where the pink petals will shine. These plants are easy to grow, well scented and colourful. Often used as houseplants, the geranium has simple petals that grow in clumps on tall stems. The foliage is rugged and can have two-toned or variegated colouring. The petals of this geranium are and will bring interest into any space in the garden. Best planted in the front or middle of the border, this plant will also be effective in a hanging basket where its leaves and flowers can cascade to add vertical interest. Plant your geranium in well-draining, sandy soil in a partially shaded area with the morning sun sheltered from harsh, cold winds.

How should I water my geranium?
Water your geraniums thoroughly and deeply once every fortnight. To avoid root rot, let the soil dry out before rewatering. A soaker hose is a great way to water your begonias if you have one. Plants in a container need more regular watering, and if the pot is well-draining, you can allow less time between watering.

Should I fertilize my geranium?
Fertilize your geranium every two to three weeks in the summer with half-strength liquid fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing in the winter.

Should I prune geraniums?
Geraniums don't require pruning, but regular deadheading can help prevent disease and increase flowering. Pinch off the entire flower stalk after the flowers fade and remove dry leaves from the plants
This GERANIUM Dusky Crug comes in a 9cm Pot