Geum Pink Petticoats 2ltr


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Commonly called 'Avons' the Geum is a genus of around 50 perennial herbaceous plants that are common wildflowers in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. They produce a basal rosette of leaves that produce flowers on wiry stalks, in shades of white, red, yellow, and orange. Evergreen except in the coldest climates thee plants are a great way to add height and shape to the garden.

How to grow Geum

Plant these easy to look after flowers in moist but well-drained soil in sun to partial shade. Avoid south facing beds as these plants don't like too much heat and water when the soil begins to dry and lessen frequency in the winter. Deadhead after flowering and divide every three years

Should I fertilize Geum?

Avoid fertilizing during the first growing season to make it easier for you plant to establish After this fertilize lightly once in early spring with a concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer.

Can you grow Geums in pots?

Yes, you can easily grow Geums in pots, just keep an eye on the soil moisture and make sure it is a pot with good drainage .

Geum Pink Petticoats 2ltr Perennial Plants