GYPSOPHILA cerastioides White Perennial Plant


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A genus of 35 flowering perennials in the carnation family, the Gypsophila is sometimes called 'baby's-breath and is found all over the world, with a large concentration in Turkey. This plant comes in creeping or cushion-forming varieties that each display abundant growths of small delicate white flowers. A popular wedding bouquet flower, the Gypsophilia will add blankets of colour to your space.

How to grow Gypsophila
Plant in a well-draining Loam or Chalk soil in a space that receives full sun. Water lightly when the soil begins to dry, and avoid getting the foliage and flowers wet to avoid stem rot. Cut back after flowering to encourage new growth and fertilize once in the spring with a good quality liquid fertilizer.

Is Gypsophila poisonous to dogs?
Gypsophila contains gyposenin, which may irritate the digestive tract in dogs.
This GYPSOPHILA cerastioides White comes in a 9cm Pot