HELENIUM autumnale Helena Gold Perennial Plant


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The helenium is a simple but beautiful flower that will bring a prairie-like feel into your garden. Producing a cone of custard yellow petals that stick out to face the ground and are capped by a prickly purple dome of seed heads. Their nectar is attractive to butterflies and birds and will bring an abundance of wildlife into your garden.

How to grow helenium
Position in a location with full to partial sun that receives at least six hours of sunlight daily. Mulch plants with compost at the time of planting, and water lightly when the top levels of soil begin to dry. Occasionally helenium can become leggy and floppy if they receive too much shade. If this happens, ensure you support them with a stake to get the best results.
This HELENIUM autumnale Helena Gold comes in a 9cm Pot