Hemerocallis EveryDaylily Red Ribs 3ltr


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Also known as ‘day lillies’, the Hemerocallis is an attractive perennial that produces exotic looking, lily-shaped flowers that are unique because each one only flowers for one day before being replaced by fresh flowers. The fleeting blooms appear at the top of a slender, green stem that rises from a well-textured bush of dropping, sword- like foliage. This is a tough, hardy perennial that will grow in almost any conditions, and is a great way to add colour to your outdoor space from June to September.

Where to grow Hemerocallis plants

The Hemerocallis is an easy to grow plant that should be placed in a well-draining soil that receives partial sun throughout the day. Ideally, you should choose a clay or heavy soil that will allow the plant to develop a strong, anchoring root system.

How to grow Hemerocallis plants

The Hemerocallis is a drought tolerant plant that can survive short periods of under watering and will benefit from periods of doing so. Water the plant lightly to keep the soil moist, but not wet, allowing the soil to completely dry out between watering’s. You should not need to provide your plant with any additional feeding, but if you feel the plant needs a bit of a boost you can apply a general liquid fertilizer twice a month. If you are growing your plant in a container you will need to feed more regularly. Because these plats only bloom briefly you will need to deadhead spent blooms regularly to keep new growth appearing continuously. Once a whole stem has finished flowering cut back the entire thing to encourage new growth. In the late autumn, cut back any faded foliage to neaten up the plant.

Hemerocallis EveryDaylily Red Ribs 3ltr Perennial Plants