Heucherella Sweet Tea 3ltr


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The Heucherella is a cross breeding of the Heuchera and Tiarellia plants that produces beautiful lobed foliage that makes great groundcover. Some species will develop a training habit that looks striking when put in a container that it can trail over. Whilst these plants are mainly grown for their foliage they do produce small, delicate flowers that add extra colour and texture to the display.

Where to grow Heucherella plants

Best positioned in the front or the middle of a garden border, choose a location that receives full sun or partial shade throughout the day. The soil should be well-draining and ideally sandy.

How to grow Heucherella plants

This plant is a drought tolerant variety that will benefit from some underwatering. Water enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet and apply a all-purpose liquid feed about twice a month to maintain constant growth. Avoid hight-nitrogen feeds which can lead to spindly growth. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage new growth and prune any spent foliage to promote new, bushier growth.

Heucherella Sweet Tea 3ltr Perennial Plants